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The Sheroic Podcast

Nov 8, 2017

You know that annoying feeling when you're scrolling through social media and convinced everyone is out having an amazing time without you? Ugh. Well, that’s FOMO, the dreaded fear of missing out. This week, Cassey and Lisa talk all about the FOMO phenomenon, dealing with jealousy, and how to not let it run your life.



The definition of FOMO [01:09]
What is JOMO? [02:04]
How social media created FOMO [03:50]
Using FOMO as a motivator [04:46]
Recognizing the emotions you may feel if you choose to not go out with friends [06:38]
What to do when FOMO is unavoidable [08:10]
Making decisions based on challenging yourself rather than on emotions [09:53]
The benefits of putting blinders on [11:26]
Is social media FOMO a choice? [11:52]
How Lisa protects herself from future FOMO with her decision to not have kids [12:38]
Why you shouldn't only act for the now [17:46]
Does FOMO stem from low self-esteem? [18:56]
Making decisions based on gut feelings [20:40]
The importance of weighing your potential regrets [21:54]
Why Lisa felt FOMO at Quest [26:09]
When Cassey feels FOMO as a manager [27:15]
Missing out and reassessing your desires [31:52] 



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The Sheroic Podcast is a female empowerment series that will teach anyone aspiring to live their best lives the secrets to taking on the world!


The show is hosted by powerhouse entrepreneurs and real life friends, Cassey Ho and Lisa Bilyeu. Cassey Ho is a designer, best-selling author, and the CEO of Blogilates – an internationally-adored wellness brand and the #1 most watched female fitness channel on YouTube. You can find her signature group exercise format POP Pilates being taught at some of the biggest gyms across the world! Lisa Bilyeu is a founding team member of the billion-dollar brand Quest Nutrition, co-founder and President of Impact Theory, and co-creator of the viral sensation Inside Quest with over 200 million views.




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